Top Tips For Greener Driving This World Environment Day


Do you know how to drive your car in the greenest way possible? If not, read our top tips for greener driving:

  • Be smooth – smoother driving is key to being a more environmentally friendly driver. Less heavy braking or over-zealous acceleration means you use less fuel – which is better for both your pocket and the environment.
  • Don’t overload – the heavier your car is, the more fuel it will burn. Ensure any extra weight is removed from the car before each trip – that includes roofboxes, which also add extra ‘drag’. Don’t use your car as storage space.
  • Maintain a sensible speed – going too fast will use extra fuel, as well as being potentially dangerous. Driving at 60mph will use a lot less fuel than driving at speeds above that. Cruise control is useful to maintain a constant speed when appropriate.
  • Check your tyres – if your tyres are underinflated, not only is it dangerous, but you’ll also use more fuel, which is bad for the environment. Make sure you check your tyre pressure regularly – ideally every week.
  • Chill out – air conditioning can really increase your fuel usage, so where possible try to open windows rather than automatically putting the air con on. However, the one exception to that is when driving at speed – then the air con is actually more efficient than opening a window.
  • Keep up with maintenance and servicing – making sure your car is running as it should be is vital to ensure your car is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Switch off – some modern cars do this automatically, but if the car is standing still for more than a few minutes, switch off the engine – e.g. while parked, or in a stationary traffic jam.
  • Plan ahead – check out your route beforehand to make sure you know where you’re going, and to check for any possible delays or hold ups which may add extra time or miles to your journey.
  • Keep watch – when approaching traffic lights or a need to stop, if it’s safe to do so try reducing your speed more gradually by easing off the accelerator, rather than having to brake. If you can avoid stopping completely, you’ll increase your fuel efficiency.

Driving a Greener Future

We are aiming to help the next generation of drivers become more eco-friendly. Last year, we supported the planting of 1,000 broadleaf trees in the Heart of England Forest and a further 200 trees within our own rural headquarters. We have pledged to plant a minimum of 1,000 trees each year! 

We are also teaching the drivers of the future how to be more environmentally conscious behind the wheel. Our drivers are taught the best practice for greener driving - such as a light touch on the throttle and brakes and switching off the engine whenever possible.

We have stopped the sale of single use plastic bottles at our events and we're now only using recyclable bottles and cups.

Read more about our how Young Driver is helping to 'drive a greener future' by clicking here


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