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Usually I go to the Queens Drive for the sessions but due to flooding they moved the venue to what I see as a superior venue that I much prefer. You can build up more speed and there is more selection for maneuvers can do due to the larger area. I believe that Clifton South Tram Park and Ride is a superior venue and you should think about making it the permanent venue for Nottingham. I would also like to say the instructor that I had was a lovely women and a great instructor. She was very instructive and supportive when you did something wrong and told me how I could of done it better. (Clifton south tram park and ride, 01/03/2020)

Lewis Cake


I had a lesson with Jeffrey at Bluewater today.He was really nice and friendly and will most likely go again!! (Bluewater, 29/03/2020)

Sid Meaney


My daughter enjoyed every minute of it. She felt calm and confidant with the instructor

Jane Roberts


My grandaughter really enjoyed her lesson and she said it was fun



Daughter can't wait to go again, this was her second time

Naomi Banks


It was great that Bradley’s Dad and I got to ride in the back of the Bentley and experience it with Bradley too, thank you

Joanna Goult


Well what can i say i book an hour long session for my 12 year old boy lewis and he got Susan Jarvie as his instructor.Susan made us feel welcome and reasured us that lewis would be fine as i was a bit nervous,after the session was finished Lewis was beaming with pride and joy and said it was the best day of his life i cant thank Susan enough, she a credit to your company not only did she take time to get to no Lewis she also took the time to make sure we were ok,i will definitely be recommending young drivers to my friend and family thanks to Susan Jarvie x (Edinburgh , 26/01/2020)

Pamela hay


My twin boys came on Sunday 26th Jan . Loved it instructors fantastic going to book another one. (Haydock, 26/01/2020)

Pauline Bradshaw


Booked an hour lesson as a surprise for my daughter's 16th birthday. She knew nothing until we arrived. Then disaster struck, nerves got the better of her and she refused to do it. The team were brilliant with her. Especially Steve her instructor, so patient and encouraging. She had the best time, and wants to do it again. (Ideal venue for the experience, 25/01/2020)



The driving instructor Rehan was very calm and patient and a great instructor. Great experience, kids loved it. (Chester, 18/01/2020)

Phil Sutton


12/1/2020 Just had my 5th 1 hour lesson at Aintree Racecourse. My instructor Rehan was great. He advised me throughout the lesson, made me feel comfortable & confident & gave great feedback to my parents. I would recommend driving with Rehan again. (Aintree, 12/01/2020)

Steven Grant


I really would recommend the young driver, my son really enjoyed it and learned alot, his instructor was called Shakeel he went through instructions and made sure my son understood everything (Etihad, 11/01/2020)

Lisa-marie Hardacre


Jeff taught me today at bluewater. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot and would like to come back. (Bluewater, 11/01/2020)



My son's second lesson went well with Rob, progressing very well through the stages. Highly recommend this driving school. Both my son and daughter cant wait to have another lesson!

Mackenzie Bowen


My daughter was very nervous when we arrived but the instructor Rodger was very encouraging and invited me (mum) to ride in the back seat of the car and spectate her lesson.



What an excellent opportunity to re-ignite her dreams and to have a taste of what she could achieve!! before we arrived she was VERY nervous and wasn't sure if she wanted to go ahead. However, her instructor was understanding and encouraging and within minutes my daughter was pulling away and driving around with confidence, we were so proud! She loved it!!! I cannot thank 'Young Drivers' enough for giving us all an experience we will never forget.

Molly Francis


The driver instructor was very professional he kept my daughter relaxed and confident while driving talking about every day thing while instructing her.

Holly Cassidy


As an advanced driver myself, I was able to assess the lesson as I was in the car with Amber and Malcolm. His attention to detail relevant to Ambers first lesson was exceptional and a privilege to watch. Amber came away after the debrief buzzing. A great experience I will repeat in the future.

Amber Hughes


Fantastic experience for our daughter, the instructor made her feel comfortable and she absolutely loved it, thank you so much for the chance to drive a car for her birthday

Lilian Dorman


Zaheer was brilliant, so calm and very together, explained everything really well



Just want to say how at ease you put my grandson at today - he was very nervous throughout - tho full of bravado on the way home - and spoke of how great it had all been and that he got to drive a real car. The whole experience was a pleasure and next time we shall opt for the video - he is very much looking forward to completing his book of lessons so that he can get to purchase his first Bugatti Veyron - best I start saving huh - thanks again for the fabulous day.

Cole Ward


This was a second lesson and I did bring a friend with her son. The kids loved the lessons and packages for return visits have been purchased. My daughter has loved her lessons with Ryan

Esme Allford


Wow. I had a disastrous start to my day and the lesson was for his birthday and we were looked after despite being so late and my son had the best time ever. His instructor treated him with age related respect which was a pleasure to listen to. He loved it, Thank you So much. We will be back, it's a great way to get road sense early in this crazy world we drive in now.

Xander Shaw


John was absolutely fantastic. My son really liked him and had a brilliant time.

Adam Sedgwick


I'm 16 and I had my first young driver lesson on 16th November with Fauzia at Haydock. I was really nervous, having never driven a car before, and i thought i would be terrible... but i really enjoyed it, Fauzia was so friendly and patient, really encouraging. She was an awesome teacher and i would definitely recommend her - she put me so at ease and i really enjoyed my lesson! I'm looking forward to going again and hope i get the same teacher next time:) (Haydock, 16/11/2019)

Jessie Thewlis


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