Reece Buttery, 15-year old star of TV’s Gangsta Granny, The Dumping Ground and the Bafta award winning Secret Life of Boys, said: “I have had a few Young Driver lessons now, from the age of 11, and they’re great fun, but I’m also very aware that I’m learning some hugely important skills. I’d urge anyone aged 10-17 to give it a go, it’s a brilliant experience.”

His dad, emergency services’ driver Dean Buttery added: “From my point of view, it has made Reece safer even when walking along a road as he now knows the characteristics of cars and how drivers may not have seen him due to blind spots etc. It's made him more aware and safer on the road even if cycling or walking.”

Erin Baker, Telegraph: “That’s the beauty of these courses; by the time the kids reach 17 and the public highway, they’ll have been exposed to car control for far longer.” For full review click here

James Howe, Classic Car Buyer: “It’s hard to see how this can be anything other than a good idea – getting younger people behind the wheel as early as possible is bound to improve their abilities when the time comes to take their test and take to the roads alone. As any experienced driver knows, passing your test at 17 is traditionally just the start of a long period of continued real-world on-the-road learning. It would follow then that starting this learning curve a few years in advance of a person’s 16th or 17th birthday could result in safer, more competent and mature drivers.”

Martin Love, motoring editor at the Observer: “All the emphasis is on control and responsibility. Boy racers and speed queens are not tolerated… I’ve never seen the girls concentrate so hard. Driving is an adult world and they seem to sense they need to be adult to be in it.” For full review click here

Josh, junior journalist for First News: “I had a great day and would definitely recommend it!”

OK! magazine said: “A 30 minute driving lesson and handy tin to save for that all important 17th birthday make the Young Driver Christmas gift pack the perfect gift for 11-17 year olds eager to get behind the wheel.”

Mark Lewis, Director of Standards for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), said:: Every young person who undertakes this training is potentially setting themselves up for a lifetime of safe driving.....We knew when we got involved with Young Driver that the standard of teaching was very high, but the students really demonstrated control of their car and abilities way beyond their years. They were all very responsible and considered drivers and hopefully it should help them be much safer drivers when they do take to the road for real in a few years. By catching drivers young, before they get influenced by their peers, I firmly believe we’re saving lives in the future. "


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