Driving a Greener Future

Driving a Greener Future
At Young Driver we have a social responsibility to operate every aspect of our business as ethically as possible. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, by taking positive steps to drive a greener future.

Off-setting carbon emissions 
There’s no denying that driving a car contributes to carbon dioxide emissions. At Young Driver we aim to plant at least 4000 trees a year to offset our emissions.  

And you are very much part of the initiative. We run campaigns throughout the year where, for every voucher you buy, we will plant a tree.

Using the latest eco-friendly cars
The new generation Corsas we use for our Young Driver lessons boast Vauxhall’s most energy-efficient ecoTEC engine yet and our next step is to move towards dual-control electric vehicles. We use Shell Go+ to offset the emissions from our driving activities.

Making our driving event days environmentally-friendly
We have stopped the sale of single-use plastics at all our Young Driver event locations around the UK. We now only use fully-recyclable bottles and cups and we have introduced recycling bins on site too.

Teaching driving best practices
At Young Driver we teach the drivers of the future to be more environmentally aware behind the wheel. Youngsters taking lessons with us will be taught best practice for greener driving, such as a light touch on the throttle and brakes, anticipation to avoid wasting energy and switching the engine off wherever possible.

The grass is growing greener at our HQ
We are committed to creating a beneficial environment for flora and fauna at our rural headquarters. So far, we’ve planted more than 200 oak trees, with more planned for the future. 

We have created a five acre wildlife space with wildflowers and native trees that, as well as looking lovely, is a haven for bees, butterflies and other insects (we have got 7 beehives on site and produce our own honey with a local beekeeper). The land is also a sanctuary for hedgehogs who are rehomed in our tranquil setting. We have also installed owl boxes and we’re delighted to have seen both Tawny and Barn owls moving in.

In the grasslands at our headquarters, we have rehomed several rescue animals. The four-legged residents include miniature donkeys Tom and his son James, with Grace and her daughter Florence. Then there’s their friend Boris, the cheeky pony. And they’re joined by rare-breed Hebridean sheep, who act as our independent lawn mowers, keeping the grass down in the field! 

These are just some of the initiatives we have implemented at Young Driver and we will continue to commit to making what we do as sustainable as possible, whilst providing essential driver skills training to help the next generation of drivers to be safe and environmentally aware.


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