Thinking of buying a Young Driver experience? We know the thought of your child getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time might make you a little anxious, so we’ve put together some of the most common questions we hear from grown-ups to help explain all about Young Driver lessons and their benefits..

Why book a Young Driver lesson?

First and foremost, kids love them. It’s their chance to have a go at driving before they get their provisional licence. They have fun, it’s a big confidence boost and it gives them a real head start when it comes to learning to drive on the public roads with their ‘L’ plates on. And if we say so ourselves, they make great presents for any teen!

Is it safe for an under 17 to be driving?

Yes. All our venues are on private land. All the cars we use are dual-controlled. All the instructors are highly experienced and are specialised in teaching youngsters. They’ve all passed the necessary security and identity checks too.

Will my child become a safer driver?

Every child is different, but by having more experience of driving from a younger age, the chances are they will become more aware of the risks driving entails more quickly. And that means you’re highly likely to have a more responsible young driver by the time they reach the roads. Parents have also told us that their children are more aware as pedestrians and cyclists too after their experience.

Does the experience count towards driving lessons?

All driving experience feeds in to learning on the road and ultimately passing your test. Learning early is an investment in your driver/driving safety. Away from public roads means that there is absolutely no pressure on the kids. They’ll have fun and be learning without even knowing it!

Who will be in the car with them?

A Young Driver instructor will be in the front passenger seat of the car with them at all times. Each venue is operated by our staff, using highly qualified driving instructors who already know and work in the area. All teaching is done in-car and on a one-to-one basis, which means the experience is totally geared to your child and at their pace. And don’t worry, all our instructors are super patient and know how to get the best out of their pupils.

Will my child pass their test quicker?

Everyone’s journey to passing their driving test is different. One thing to remember is that it’s not a race, even if kids are usually keen to be the first to pass amongst their friends. By taking regularly spaced-out Young Driver experiences over time, many children will already be at ease getting into a car and driving by the time they have their provisional. Of course, driving on the public roads with other road users takes lessons and practice.

Is it just a first driving lesson but on private ground?

Not really, in the sense that the experience is all about fun in a safe, controlled environment. If you remember your very first lesson, you probably didn’t get much further than turning the engine and kangaroo-ing along your road for 50 metres. We aim to get all kids driving the basics, so they can feel they’ve really achieved something during their first experience.

Are the kids nervous before their experience?

To be honest, the kids are excited. It’s the parents and grandparents who are more anxious! For us, it’s all about channelling that excitement into a positive first driving experience in an organised, friendly and safe way, so that you can have your proud Mummy or Daddy or Nan or Grandad moment!

My child is really shy...I’m not sure a Young Driver experience is for them?

It’s often a lively atmosphere at our Young Driver days, but always with a warm welcome from friendly staff to put youngsters at ease. Our instructors are all really good at knowing how to make kids feel comfortable and will ‘pitch’ the lesson to each individual pupil. We’re proud to be an inclusive activity, which means we can accommodate children with physical disabilities or additional needs. Just get in touch with us by email at [email protected] or call us on 0333 577 9010 for more info.

What if my child has already done a Young Driver experience?

As each session is bespoke, we are totally geared up for multiple lessons, so you can book as many experiences as you like for your child. We love helping children start their journey to learning to be a responsible driver. That’s why we’ve created our Drive Diary. Every child who comes to a Young Driver experience gets one. It’s where they can record their progress and learn more about driving. Each youngster can also download the Young Driver App packed with advice, virtual reality lessons and theory test revision help.

My child is really keen on cars, but isn’t 10 yet…

We’ve got just the thing for 4 to 10 year olds - our Firefly electric cars specially designed for us! Built to drive just like a real car but in miniature, these two-seaters are great fun for grown-ups to ride with their youngest drivers!

All sounds good. Now where do I book?

Young Driver sessions for 10-17 year olds, Firefly drives for 4 to 10 years and a whole host of other driving experiences including classic cars, luxury Bentleys and even a fire engine can be booked directly online with us.


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