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YOUNG DRIVER™ operates at venues across the UK, offering driving lessons to youngsters aged 10-17 and those who may not otherwise be able to have them. 

Because the lessons take place on private property, the rules are more flexible than on the road. Lessons take place in real, dual controlled cars. At four venues we have automatic vehicles for those who may need them.

We work with many young and older people with a wide range of disabilities, including those who are deaf, blind, have learning difficulties or neurological disorders. Some may never have thought they’d have the opportunity to experience what it is like to drive a car, and some may never be able to drive on the roads. Some of our pupils have been told they will need to wait several years before being able to apply for a provisional license, which can be hard when friends can go ahead and learn. So this gives them an opportunity to see what it’s like for themselves. It can really help build self confidence.

Safety is always the top priority. For those who will go on to eventually drive on the road, the aim of YOUNG DRIVER™ is to create the safest drivers out there, by teaching over an extended period of time, and in a less pressured environment, whilst basic skills are learned. For those who won't be able to take their test, it's a chance to experience something new and learn new skills.

Book fully-inclusive driving lessons with Young Driver
So if you’re looking for specialist driving lessons and experiences for anyone with any sort of additional needs, just get in touch with us here at Young Driver. 

Please contact 0333 577 9010 or info@youngdriver.com if you need further information.

Luke’s story

Luke had an amazing time driving with instructor Brian at our Braehead centre and his Gran told us: “To put you in the picture, Luke has cerebral palsy. He can’t walk without a frame and his speech is affected. When we booked, we weren’t sure Luke would manage it. Thanks to Brian, we have one very happy boy. He loves it. And this was due to Brian taking the time to explain things and working with Luke to enable him to drive a car.”

Eileen and her daughter’s experience

Mum Eileen, who booked a lesson for her sight-impaired daughter Ms C., said: "Ms C was thrilled when we told her that Young Driver offers a driving experience for people with disabilities and we had booked her in. She is severely sight impaired, who would never be able to drive on a public road. This experience made her day. She was beaming and was talking about it all weekend. One item off the bucket list. This driving lesson was such an uplifting experience that we’ve booked her in for another one to give her something to look forward to."
Eileen Teo

Read Ms C's review.

George’s driving journey

George, who had a diagnosis of severe autism, first gave driving a go at the Southampton Young Driver venue in a fully-automatic vehicle when he was 19. As George’s Mum Jane commented: “No-one knew how George would take to driving and the scheme provided a safe way to test the waters.”

With the teen’s confidence growing as the lessons progressed, George’s goal became to get his driving licence. And we’re pleased to say George passed first time, with zero minors! 

We’ll leave the last word to George: “Learning with Young Driver really helped my confidence and now I have lots of independence because I passed my test!


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