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Written by motoring expert, Quentin Willson, Learn to Drive Without Tears and Tantrums is a guide for parents and teens to help manage the often difficult relationship between learner, ADI instructor and mum and dad. 

Well-intentioned parents can often give conflicting messages in driving lessons that can confuse the learner and make the ADI’s job harder. Most parents passed their driving test decades ago and haven’t looked at a driving manual or Highway Code since. And far too many have never sat in the back seat during an ADI lesson. This book aims to take the stress, angst and inconsistency of teaching methods out of the parent-learner driving relationship and make everybody’s journey to the driving test less scary.

Written in an easy-to-read style with a light tone, Learn to Drive Without Tears and Tantrums is published by Young Driver, the world’s largest provider of  under 17 driving lessons with 70 national centres and 750,000 lessons already taught. This book uses the research and experience gained from those three-quarter-of-a-million lessons and its content is unique. Heavily illustrated with 136 full colour pages this is an essential read for all parents and teens embarking on the road to driving test success. 

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