Important Young Driver Update

As many of you will know, from next week it becomes a legal requirement to incorporate any booking fees into the price of items sold on line, rather than to charge a separate booking fee.

In the light of this and a detailed cost analysis following last year’s fuel price rises, Young Driver has realigned its lesson prices for the first time in three years.

You will see that some lessons have gone up in price (though only slightly), some prices have stayed the same and some have even gone down.

Following is a summary of our new prices which will come into force at 8am on Saturday 13th January 2018.


(Total Price Inc Booking Fee)

(All Fees Included)

Price Change

 30 Minute Lesson




60 Minute Lesson



+ £1.50

Bentley Lesson



£1.50 SAVED

Firefly Lesson




Birthday Party
30 Mins
(package for 4 drivers)



+ £0.50

Birthday Party
60 Mins
(package for 4 drivers)



+ £0.50

6 Lesson Package 30 Mins



Total saving of £38.70 

6 Lesson Package 60 Mins



Total saving of £77.70  

Early Bird Lesson
(9.30am Slots Only)




£1.50 SAVED


We have done our utmost to keep prices as low as we can in order to make Young Driver lessons accessible to as many people as possible. We remain grateful to Vauxhall, whose support for Young Driver has helped to make this possible.

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