Got a Voucher? Here's what you need to do...

The Young Driver office is manned this weekend to answer queries. Our booking agents return on Tuesday 2nd January when they can assist you in processing vouchers and making bookings.

Please note: if you have a Groupon Christmas voucher that expires on 31 January 2018 you need to BOOK the lesson on line or by calling us before the end of January, but the lesson can be TAKEN at any time before the end of June 2018. So please don't panic if there is no availability in January at your local site! To book on line, please create an account by registering on the Young Driver website first and then put in your Groupon code when requested as you make your booking.

Using your voucher is easy, please follow these steps to book your lesson now:

1) Click here to select your lesson date and time. Please make sure you pick the correct type of lesson, see your voucher for details.

2) When you get to the payment page please pick your voucher supplier from the list, for example Groupon.

3) Enter your Voucher Code and Security / PIN Code (if required) to redeem your voucher.

4) Finally, please register your details with us to complete your order

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