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Ready to Drive bundle

Got a keen teen ready to learn to drive? Our Ready to Drive bundle gives youngsters all the info they need to help them on their journey to getting their driver’s licence. The bundle is a great gift to give a teenager for a birthday, Christmas or even an end-of-school present and they can be bought online through Young Driver.

What’s included?

The Ready to Drive bundle includes:

  • Unlimited access to the Young Driver App for three months
  • A copy of the book ‘Learn to Drive without Tears & Tantrums’ by Quentin Wilson
  • A set of magnetic L plates
  • A set of magnetic P plates

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More about the Ready to Drive bundle:

The Young Driver App included in the bundle is a great way to get teens engaged in learning to drive. It’s right up their street, with 12 virtual reality films giving them 360 views using in-car and drone footage to show them real-life driving situations. If they’ve got a VR headset, the effect is even more realistic - it’s like they are actually sitting in the car!

The idea of the App’s VR driving lessons is that teens can dip in and out when they like, to watch different driving scenarios. It’s a great way to gear kids up for learning to drive on the road and is also a really useful tool to use in between actual driving lessons.

The App also gives access to loads of other exclusive, high-quality content; from how to get your driving licence, hints and tips from professional drivers and a personalised Drive Diary. Young drivers particularly love the Theory Test stuff. There are over 700 real DVLA theory test questions, dozens of video clips and unlimited mock tests too.

The Ready to Drive bundle gives teens three-months unlimited access to all this great app content.

Also included in the bundle is a book by motoring TV presenter Quentin Wilson giving lots of advice to both grown-ups and youngsters. We all know what it’s like when there’s a learner driver in the family, so a read of “Learn to Drive without Tears & Tantrums’ will help you all stay calm and zen!

Last but not least, the magnetic plates are a really nice touch for a teenager about to start on their learning to drive journey.


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