Looking for the next challenge? Fancy trying something new? Our Advanced Skills Days are the ultimate next step to a Young Driver lesson. Drivers who’ve had a few lessons with us can now go faster, learn greater vehicle control and develop a range of new motoring skills.

Learn to drive at speeds of up to 70mph on a simulated motorway, practice the life saving "brake and avoid" techniques taught to police drivers and try your hand at advanced driving activities – all on the actual training grounds where front line emergency services staff practice their driving skills!


Elvington Airfield, North Yorkshire

Who should attend?

10 – 17 year olds who have had a minimum of two or more lessons with Young Driver™ already. Our experienced instructors will tailor content to be appropriate to age and experience, so whether you are a 17 year old about to take to the roads or a 10 year old who has had two lessons with Young Driver™, you are sure to have a fun day and learn some life saving driving skills!

What is included?

The lucky participants attending these 2 hour sessions will experience a range of memorable learning experiences designed to be exciting, thought provoking and action packed! There will be one driver per car, who will receive a maximum of 1 hour 45 minutes of driving.

 Activities include:

  • Motorway driving including joining and leaving a motorway, driving at 70mph and overtaking  
  • Dynamic handling including brake and avoid exercises, emergency braking, slalom and advanced steering practice  
  • Advanced driving techniques including use of ESP safety systems, ABS etc. and an introduction to observation and hazard perception skills.

Light refreshments are available to purchase at the venue for participants and their families and a signed certificate of attendance is provided for each driver.

There will be one driver per car, who will receive a maximum of 1 hour 45 minutes of driving.

Lesson Details

2 Hours
10 - 17 yrs




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