Young Driver™ Bentley Driving Experience

In another world first for YOUNG DRIVER™, 10 – 17 year olds are being given the chance to take their junior driving lessons in a luxurious Bentley Arnage. 

Anyone who has had one hour of tuition with YOUNG DRIVER™ or more can try their hand at driving a 6.75 litre Bentley – and mum and dad are welcome to sit in the back and enjoy the ‘chauffeur drive experience’. 

Its a great idea for a birthday treat. 

YOUNG DRIVER™’s Bentley Arnages have been dual controlled and youngsters will be accompanied by one of YOUNG DRIVER™’s specially trained ADI driving instructors.

Commenting on the new service, Kim Stanton said: “The Bentley Arnage is a luxurious and powerful  car  – but this is not about encouraging youngsters to try and get from 0-60mph in 6 seconds – it’s about giving them the experience of what driving a larger car can be like. Young drivers will be doing the same manoeuvres they do in a standard YOUNG DRIVER™ lesson including practising parking, junctions, manoeuvres and negotiating roundabouts. A lesson in one of our Bentleys is something we imagine will be a special treat, and that someone who has had a couple of YOUNG DRIVER™ lessons before might like to get a new perspective on how different cars handle. And it’s probably an experience that very few adults can even say they’ve had!"

A thirty minute lesson in a Bentley costs £49.95 and is now available at the following venues:

  • Birmingham
  • Bicester 
  • Bristol
  • Cambridge 
  • Exeter
  • Leeds 
  • Malvern
  • Manchester Etihad 
  • Moreton on Marsh
  • Newbury Showground
  • Nottingham Queens Drive
  • Peterborough
  • Warwickshire Stoneleigh Park
  • Wigan DW Stadium

Warwick Stoneleigh Park - 7th January 
Bicester - 13th January 
Malvern - 14th January
Warwick Stoneleigh Park - 21st January 
Peterborough Showground - 27th January 
Nottingham Queens Drive - 28th January 

Manchester Etihad - 3rd February
Manchester Etihad - 4th February 
Warwick Stoneleigh Park - 10th February
Cardiff East Park & Ride - 11th February 
Warwick Stoneleigh Park - 18th February 
Bicester - 25th February 

Leeds Church Fenton - 3rd March
Moreton on Marsh - 10th March
Cambridge Park & Ride - 11th March 
Surrey Kempton Park - 18th March 
Newbury Showground - 24th March 


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