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Learning to drive

You know what it’s like at school or college when your teacher is really, really clever. But when it comes to teaching you algebra in maths, getting you to know your periodic table in chemistry, or understanding opportunity cost in economics, it takes a special teacher to explain it all in a way that’s easy to follow and relatable to you.

Learning to drive works in exactly the same way. Our instructors are really good at explaining things in a certain way so that you ‘get it’. And just like your favourite teacher, you often remember your first driving instructor!

We asked one of our fantastic Young Driver instructors to let us in on some of their favourite ways of explaining the techniques for driving. It’s a great read and gives you a taste of what to expect when you take a driving lesson with us:

What’s the ‘biting point’ of the clutch?

Bring the clutch pedal up to where the pedal vibrates like your mobile phone does when you get a text (we all know that feeling!)

Argh! I get so confused with left and right!

Think of ‘driver side’ and ‘passenger side’ instead. It’s much easier to visualise and will stop you getting into a muddle.

What is the ‘blind spot’ in a car?

In a learning to drive textbook it’s ‘the triangular area over your right shoulder’. Our young drivers think of it as the ‘Dorito of Death’!

How to release the clutch

Rather than saying release the clutch slowly or gently, think of counting to three as you bring the pedal back up. A whole lot easier for you.

I can’t get my head around changing gear?

Just think of it as being on a seesaw…book a Young Driver lesson with us and we’ll show you how it’s done!

And of course, we know it’s tricky doing the steering, the indicators, changing gear, accelerating/braking all at once. You might think you’ll never get the hang of it. But you will and you’ll make a great driver.

Thanks to Young Driver instructor Mark B for the tips!


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