Young Driver is the perfect way to introduce children to cars in a safe environment


Susan Mann took her boys and twin nieces to Intu Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow for a Young Driver party. 

"Did you know you can drive a car at 10? How cool is that? The cars that Young Driver uses are Corsa’s. They are driven around a designated private area. In our case it was two floors cordoned off in a shopping centre car park. I was amazed at how well these kids did in the car in such a short space of time.

Young Drivers have a fantastic plethora of patient instructors who explain all about the car before the kids set out to drive. They put them at ease and will have them reverse parking before then end of their lesson. Really? I know a lot of adults who would struggle with this. The kids took it all in their stride.

I think having the experience will speak volumes about safety for young drivers. Not only do I think it helps them understand cars and driving, but it makes them more safety conscious about road safety in general. They know how cars are manoeuvred and hopefully, will think twice before stepping out in front. Young Driver is the perfect way to introduce children, tweens and teens to cars in a safe environment."

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