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"My 14 year old daughter had her first lesson in Barnsley this weekend and absolutely loved it and couldnt believe how well she did and how much she did in her first lesson! Cannot wait to book her on some more session. Thanks especially to Moses. "

Joan Broxholme, 10/04/2017

"Our grandson Harvey (10yrs ) had his first driving lesson today ,he loved every minute of it , Rachel the driving instructor was brilliant ,he looked so grown up driving past us as we watched with pride ,will be doing this again 👍👍👍y"

Peter osbourne , 09/04/2017

"My 2 boys absolutely loved their first lesson. Could not believe they were driving around confidently in the first 5 minutes. Was also really impressed with Ray who was teaching my 15 year old. He did proper manoeuvres. Stop start, clutch control and reversing. My younger son was with Ryun and he was fab. Amazing time and money well spent. My eldest is hooked. Will be back to you for lessons prior to his 17th birthday"

Victoria Jones , 19/03/2017

"What a fantastic experience. Took my 11 year old daughter and her friend for a half hour lesson, it wasnt long enough. They thoroughly enjoyed every minute and wanted more....."

Lynne Baker, 13/03/2017

"Daughter just done skills day at Morton In Marsh fire station....It was excellent, great happy daughter and Young driver staff very helpful and friendly, Thank you....Daughter cant wait to do it again"

Ann Latham, 11/03/2017

"Absolutely brilliant. Cannot fault your staff who were so kind and patient with my younger son who was very nervous. Their lovely approach resulted in my son having a go and loving it. Thank you! "

Zoe Cheale, 04/03/2017

"WOW. My son loved it and it was only 30 minutes. he had never even sat in the drivers seat until this day. I warned him he may not do much, but I was amazed how quick the instructor had him on his way. I am about to book again and to also take his friend. "

Mandy Oldknow, 24/02/2017

"I forgot to post this review on my last lesson with you guys! Just wanna say thank you so much! I am now doing my real lessons and I'm so far ahead in them due to your amazing lessons at young driver! My instructor Malcom was incredible and I would recommend this to all young people. I only had two hour lessons with you guys but that really helped me especially now I'm doing my lessons. Just my theory to focus on now! And again thank you guys especially Malcom! "

Chloe clarkson , 20/02/2017

"I booked on hour lesson for my Sons 13th Birthday as a surprise and it was the best present ever for him. A fantastic lesson in which provided him with an amazing opportunity behind a wheel. Hè as not stopped talking about it . I will definatley be booking more lessons. A huge thank you to Karen his instructor, hè said she was so lovely x Again Thank You x "

Mrs Ashby, 12/02/2017

"We got a one hour driving lesson for my 14 year old son. The venue was changed from Liverpool aintree to Haydock due to building works. This didn't impact on how well set up the new venue was. My son was nervous as this was his first time driving. By the end of the lesson my son had a huge smile on his face and couldn't wait to do it again. His instructor was patient and understanding and made him feel at ease. I would recommend these young driver lessons to every parent. The experience can only be beneficial for when they start driving lessons on the roads. "

Sharon Reeves, 11/02/2017

"My son thoroughly enjoyed his session in the Firefly car (he talked about it non-stop on the way home). The instructor was really friendly and put Ryan at ease. We will definitely be returning for his second and third lessons. In all a five star experience, and well worth the money paid!"

Steve Hodgson, 04/02/2017

"Shakira has had 4 Driving Lessons so far 3 with Raymond and 1with Ken at Braehead . The instructors are really nice and patient and helpful her favourite is Raymond. It's a great event to help with kids introduction to driving I would highly recommend it . She's booked in till end July . But will be continued 29/01/17"

Shakira Oneill , 30/01/2017

"My brother had a fantastic day. Rosemary is such a patient and calm instructor and really put him at ease- such an asset to your company. The driving session covers both the driver basics and the 'fun' of driving. It's a great opportunity for young drivers to get some experience before they start learning."

Angela, 22/01/2017

"I brought my 16 year old daughter and 13 year old son to Bluewater today for their first driving experience. They both absolutely loved it and I will be booking again, Many thanks to Mario and Brian who made the lessons fun as well as educational."

Michelle Gavin, 21/01/2017

"William had great driving lesson today at the Event City Manchester . His instructor Mike made him feel relaxed and in control behind the wheel ! Great location and organised realy well - on time and no waiting around. Fantastic experience ! William can't wait to book his next lesson! Thank you!"

A Burton, 08/01/2017

"Jack had a fantastic time at his driving party today, he and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much."

Sharon, 08/01/2017

"Thank you for the excellent tuition your organisation has given my grandson, he is now needing on-road experience in his home environment, which my son will give him."

M Cretney, 20/12/2016

"I have been trying to get this for my daughter for a while, i'm getting somewhere I know she and her friends will think is the best ever birthday party and will be the talk of the town lol"

Paul bowers , 16/12/2016

"My 10yr old son had his first driving lesson today and was very nervous. Jerry the instructor was absolutely amazing, can't thank him enough. Fantastic experience, we will be back soon. Thank you xx"

Michelle Wilson , 10/12/2016

"My daughter had a fantastic time having a driving lesson today on the firefly course this afternoon at Towcester. She treasures her "driving licence" and wants another go when you come back to Towcester. Many thanks to you for bringing it to our area. Excellent staff, instructor and cars. Well done."

Jez, 05/12/2016

"I had my experience from my grandma and grandad for my 12th birthday . MALCOM is an amazing instructor so pick him . I had the hour session that achieved stage 1 I went to Newbury show ground "

Jonathan parfitt, 29/11/2016

"I booked the Young Driver experience for my sons 12th birthday and I think it was the best present I've ever given him! He had such a great time and he really enjoyed the experience! From the moment we arrived we were made to feel very welcome. The instructor made my son feel very relaxed and overall his lesson seemed to be a success! I'll be definitely booking again! "

Anne Deighan, 22/11/2016

"I booked the Young Driver experience in Edinburgh for my son Jack when he was 13 back in August 15 and he loved it. I have booked him another lesson for his Christmas to take place in January 17. The hour lesson was perfect and has certainly made him more aware of what driving is all about. His birthday is hogmany I will be booking the party event for the end of January to enjoy with some of his friends. The driving instructors are absolutely brilliant and what they learn in a short time is amazing. I would recommend this experience x "

Doreen Macdonald, 30/10/2016

"Our 11 year old son just had his first 30 minute lesson with Derek and he had a blast!! He came away buzzing and is already asking when he can come back and indeed when I will let him drive our car home! Brilliant experience and very professional. Thanks Richard "

Richard , 29/10/2016

"i like driving lesson and it so good and the staff are so good "

mitchell wheatland , 25/10/2016

"I had an amazing experience. I am 17 and so will be doing my driving lessons very soon. It was so well organised and my instructor Malcolm was incredible, I was so glad I had him! I may be back again before my 18th in April to build confidence. Thank you for this amazing experience!!"

Chloe Clarkson , 23/10/2016

"My daughter, 11, had a fantastic time. Booked the 30 minute course as a first time but will book the hour lesson next time. Going to be so useful as she is already more aware of her surroundings in the car. Lovely staff, very friendly, knew what they were talking about, Malcolm was the perfect instructor for a first time driver."

Abi Argent, 23/10/2016

"Chloe is just 11 years old & had her 1st driving lesson today at Lakeside. What an experience it was for her & us. We were so impressed. The driving instructor was a lovely man who encouraged Chloe all the way, he taught her all about manoeuvrers, junctions, reversing etc. She even finished off by reversing into a space dead straight!!! They even record the session within the car & give you a memory card with the footage on. A great keepsake. We are already planning on her return in the spring! 09.10.2016"

Chloe Luck, 09/10/2016

"I booked the Young Driver experience for my daughter and 5 friends for her birthday. We used the Cardiff venue and my daughter and her friends absolutely loved it - in their words "it was awesome". I will definitely be booking my daughter further lessons and would recommend this to everyone."

Louise Fielding, 26/09/2016

"An excellent experience ,our son Morgan and his five friends had a fantastic time. Making his 11th birthday a well organised and memorable one. A big thank you ."

Kevin Snow, 25/09/2016

"Absolutely brilliant! The instructors are great and my 11 year old Son loves these lessons. He was in the 2016 Young Driver Final and we had a fantastic day"

Cheryl, 21/09/2016

"My daughter absolutely loved her driving lessons. She came away from each lesson having learnt something new and raring to get out on the road. It's a fantastic experience and I think all 16 year olds should; do this before having actual lessons on the road. Many thanks to John Gillespie who was a fantastic instructor and really put my daughter at ease"

Jan Griffiths, 19/09/2016

"This is my sons second time and he really enjoyed it and feels as if he is learning different things ever time he goes there! He can't wait for his next lesson 😉😉"

Matt, 03/09/2016

"Really good but only been 2 times"

C Porter , 03/09/2016

"Incredible experience that I would never hesitate to book again! Simon was really friendly , the cars were new and the course has different difficulties so that you are always challenged! "

O Kocharski, 02/09/2016

"A fantastic set up and definitely a valuable experience. My teenage son was dubious at 1st but loved his hours session in the Yeti. A must for all 'future' drivers. Maybe included in the school curriculum. Well done to all at Cribbs Causeway! "

Jenny Hart, 02/09/2016

"Took my daughter for a lesson after having it recommended to me. She is 13 and had an hour lesson at the merry hill sight with an instructor called Gary as an extra birthday present. She had the most amazing time and loved every second . We will definitely be back as I think it's great preparation for when she is old enough for lessons."

Sam, 01/09/2016

"Young Driver is a fantastic start for young people behind the wheel. On the day it was very organised and welcoming. The instructor was patient, pleasant........a fab experience! The only negative thing is there aren't enough appointments available."

JP, 01/09/2016

"This was a gift for our Granddaughter's 16th Birthday. She loved every minute of it & definitely wants to do it again"

G Mulchrone, 01/09/2016

"Fantastic experience which was fun and educational, can't wait to book my next lesson "

Aidon Higgins, 27/08/2016

"We came here for our eldest son's lesson which was very professionally handled by Keith who was very welcoming and made our son instantly at ease. While we were there our younger son was offered a trial as he is short for his age. This went very well and we will definitely book for the future. Many thanks to Louise and her team who went above and beyond in accommodating us and our 2 boys. "

Eugene Jacques, 27/08/2016

"Its great, my girls love it, as they are learning how to control a car in safe surroundings. They have had great instructors, and are really patient with my daughter who has ASD. I know its money well spent as when they reach driving age they will already have safe knowledge about a car and whats safe and not safe."

A Yeowell, 26/08/2016

"A brief thumbs up e mail to Gary at the MK site. My son who has Asperger’s, just had a wonderful session with Gary half an hour ago . He was kind and patient during my son's session."

K Seaton-Emm, 21/08/2016

"Good value for money, Good fun, Very enjoyable experience"

P Barnett, 08/07/2016

"brilliant, something different for my child"

N Sharp, 02/07/2016

"enjoyable, educational for juniors, thrilling for them to take control"

M Wright, 01/07/2016

"Excellent, what a brilliant birthday present for my granddaughter , The instructors are great and really good with the kids, Well worth doing, good experience for the kids"

L Clare, 30/06/2016

"Fantastic , 11 year old loved it, Very good instructor"

R Brothwell, 30/06/2016

"Amazing, Great fun, Every child should experience this"

A Hodgson, 29/06/2016

"Wish I'd heard about if before, fantastic experience,"

L Yearsley, 25/06/2016

"Professional, Fun, A great experience"

A Sharp, 21/05/2016

"Kids get full use of controls and an actual full driving lesson, in fact, much more than an adult, Very safe and controlled, Wonderful opportunity, an eye opener as to how capable all the kids are"

M Martin, 30/04/2016

"Really good, Appeared well organised at the venue, Son found it enjoyable"

D Whiting, 26/04/2016

"Confidence boosting for the kids, Professionally run, Makes me feel proud to see her driving a car so well"

A Jones, 25/04/2016

"Fabulous experience for kids, Would definitely book again, Great driving instructors"

S Reid, 24/04/2016

"Awseome, My grandson loved the driving experience,"

R Toal, 22/04/2016

"Patient instructor , Good cars with dual control , Great fun"

G Gibson, 22/04/2016

"Good idea, Enjoyed by my twins,"

A Doyle, 22/03/2016

"Good fun, Lots of time spent driving, Educational and a great experience"

J OCallaghan, 05/01/2016

"amazing experience, very happy daughter, great value for money"

E Roberts, 09/12/2015


K Gooch, 27/11/2015

"exciting and innovative idea. Kids Have plenty of fun. No one else does it! Brilliant skill to learn at such a young age."

H Glowacki, 26/11/2015

"Excellent, Thoroughly enjoyed the experience second time round, cant wait for the third!"

M Bond, 25/11/2015

"Great Experience, Good value , Pleasant Staff"

R Kirkup, 25/11/2015

"Good instructors, Well set out , Grandsons best present"

A Holloway, 25/11/2015

"Different and exciting for teenagers, Very professional and very well organised , Lovely gift idea"

G Hardy, 25/11/2015

"Fantastic experience, Friendly welcome, Great location"

R Knight, 25/11/2015

"It was great, Amy learnt a lot, which helped her went she went out onto the open roads, well worth it."

C Bracegirdle, 20/10/2015

"very worthwhile, great confidence booster for first-time drivers, Instructor very good"

J Clarke, 10/09/2015

"Good, Great Experience, Memorable"

J Welch, 10/09/2015

"Very good intro to driving before the kids kit the streets at 17"

S Dalton, 10/09/2015

"Great experience, Good tutors, Great venue"

M Scott, 10/04/2015


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