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"My 10 year old son had a gift for Christmas. My son absolutely loved the experience. In 30 minutes he was driving, changing gears and steering like a pro ! He cant wait to go for more lessons. A really brilliant experience for young drivers. (Stoneleigh Park, 17/06/2018)"

Vanessa Milton, 18/06/2018

"Hi I sent a review this morning on my email I got the person name wrong it's Peter rylan not Paul I do apologise. I think that's how you spell his surname can't quite read his writing sorry. His a great instructor jarell had a great lesson with him yesterday well with all of them keep up the good work guys at merry hill waterfront see you soon 😊 (Merry hill waterfront, 16/06/2018)"

Chantelle Balfour, 17/06/2018

"Brilliant! Professional patient and prompt instructors. Definitely recommend. (Newbury , 03/06/2018)"

Louise Scriven, 04/06/2018

"My son Harry had his 1 hour driving experience today at Aintree & absolutely loved it. The whole set up from start to finish is excellent & so professional. All the staff were so friendly & welcoming. John was Harry’s instructor & he was brilliant with him. Would definitely recommend. (Aintree, 03/06/2018)"

Sharon Middlehurst, 03/06/2018

"A family friend bought our 11 year old daughter a young driver experience for her xmas present. We went along to the venue today and was totally amazed at what she achieved in just 30 minutes. Changing gears, breaking, indicating, going round corners and hitting speeds of 60mph! We will be back! Brilliant (Bentwaters Park, 02/06/2018)"

Natalie Summerson, 02/06/2018

"Just returned from Young Driver at the Metro Centre Gateshead my daughter aged 11 first lesson and i have to say a great thanks to her instructor Moses who was so friendly and made her feel at ease.Watching her driving around the course doing the slalom then driving it in reverse was amazing will definitely be booking further lessons highly recommended. Thanks to everyone at Young Driver for making it such a special day. (Metro Centre Gateshead, 02/06/2018)"

William Forster, 02/06/2018

"My nephew Marley did his first young driver experience today, (31/05/2018) really enjoyed it, wants to do it again!, his instructor was Abi who he said was really nice & hoped he would get Abi next time (Bluewater , 31/03/2018)"

Michelle michael , 31/05/2018

"What a fantastic experience. This was bought for a 10th Birthday present. The instructor was great. Within seconds Archie was driving the car and any nerves he did have disappeared quickly. He had full control of the steering and shortly after he had the pedals too. Lots to do with various aspects of the course. He loved the long stretch of road where he got up to 43mph. We've seen the video and the encouragement throughout was great. Will defineately be booking again. (Kempton Park, 30/05/2018)"

Archie B, 30/05/2018

"Great idea for young drivers to experience driving in a safe environment. Well organised and very friendly team. Instructors are super too, calm and reassuring for first time nervous drivers. A 5 star team! (Exeter, 29/05/2018)"

Jacky Fawcett, 29/05/2018

"My 15 year old daughter really enjoyed her driving experience today. Her instructor was Benny and we were very impressed with his calmness and caring nature as we explained she suffers from anxiety. She has already requested more lessons and I wouldn't hesitate to book again. Many thanks (Kempton Park, 20/05/2018)"

Miesha, 20/05/2018

"I had a driving experience day today. The instructor was very nice along with the staff. It's definitely worth the money. I would definitely recommend it to other people, they have lots of different things like sports or normal driving in different places to go to do this. (Wycombe , 20/05/2018)"

Zak , 20/05/2018

"hi everybody! id just like to thank my lovely driver instructor earlier on today for not just teaching me how to drive haha but for making me feel happy and welcome !...... and everybody who were extremely friendly and made me welcome! i had a great time and would definitely come back! it was really amazing and i enjoyed it a lot so thank you so much ! from Maisy ! (Chester makro, 19/05/2018)"

maisy, 19/05/2018

"My son Lewis Morrison thoroughly enjoyed his hour lesson with Young Driver today. We had used a competitor last year and found them very poor, but have no complaints with Young Driver. We will be booking more lessons in the future, that’s for sure. Thank you to Barry Boyle, his instructor today. (Braehead , 13/05/2018)"

Iain Morrison, 13/05/2018

"Really good experience for our son. We were very impressed with all the staff. From the person who greeted us to the instructor who really put our son at ease, all were professional, warm, friendly and helpful and we will definately recommend to anyone. Thank you. (Southampton, 12/05/2018)"

Faye, 12/05/2018

"Booked 5 lessons for my 5 grandchildren as part of their Christmas presents at the Southampton venue. Ranging from 13 to 16 all kids absolutely loved it and all can't wait to get behind the wheel again. Very well organised and very friendly staff ! (Southampton, 29/04/2018)"

Shirley Holland, 29/04/2018

"Brilliant lesson for my son Want to book For My other son and my nephew Now (Cardiff st David’s , 19/11/2017)"

Ruth Adams , 15/04/2018

"Superb experience for my two daughters, one of whom was very nervous before the lesson and now wants another one! Very well organised and staff are very friendly and encouraging. Will definitely be booking another lesson. (Etihad Campus Manchester, 31/03/2018)"

Shirley, 31/03/2018

"Would like you say a big thank you to your team at Braehead Glasgow. I took lessons regularly here and Edinburgh and really enjoyed them. Staff are fantastic. All the advice helped me pass my test 1st time. Keep up the good work guys and I will take a drive up for a visit. 🚗😃 Morgan McCaig Dunoon 28/3/18 (Glasgow braehead )"

Morgan mccaig, 27/03/2018

"Booked for 3 x 12 year olds for a Xmas present and all 3 are wanting to book up again. All staff friendly and approachable! All kids were beaming after their lessons. Great set up at Braehead!! (Braehead , 24/03/2018)"

Mandy Fulham , 24/03/2018

"Loved this exciting activity for sons 13th birthday. He wants to do it again and so does my younger son and nephew. Just about to book for them all Worth a visit :) Lovely staff Well organized Very pleased Thankyou 😀 (Cardiff, 19/11/2017)"

Ruth, 07/03/2018

"I received this lesson for Christmas - I was very excited about having my first driving lesson. I took my lesson at Haydock (18 Feb 9.30) The whole thing was brilliant - my driving teacher was great - he made me feel relaxed and I had no worries. I couldn't believe it when he said get in the driver's side, a few minutes learning about the car and I was off - the Haydock course was fantastic - I got to drive around the really long course and there were other cars on the road. I got the whole thing recorded (14.99) this was just the best - I really enjoyed watching it with my mum and dad and grandad and grandma when I got home. I went around obstacle course and then around the track again. My mum and Dad really enjoyed watching me and were amazed how good I was. I got a little book which my instructor filled in - as progress for next time. I LOVED IT!!!!! and didn't want it to end!!! My instructor said I was a natural and gave me some tips on practising my clutch next time. I have just booked my next lesson. Just the best thing ever - Thankyou - from Tom (Haydock, 18/02/2018)"

Tom Bowman, 18/02/2018

"Another great lesson with Ahmar. Only 4 lessons in doing 3 point turn. Great stuff. Can’t wait for next time Alice 18/02/2018 (Stoneleigh, Warwick , 18/02/2018)"

Alice Robinson , 18/02/2018

"I had my first lesson yesterday and it was a great experience to be behind the wheel and i would totally recommended to anyone age 10-17 who is eager to get in the drivers seat. (DW Stadium, 17/02/2018)"

Molly Maguire, 18/02/2018

"Wow! What a wonderful experience for my daughter. A big thank for you everyone involved from the ladies at reception booking us in who where very informative and helpful to my daughters instructor Rehan who was excellent and kept my daughter calm throughout. Will definitely be booking further lessons. Thanks again to all involved in creating such a memorable experience.... the video is a must too. 🚗😁 (Haydock Racecouse, 18/02/2018)"

Nicky, 18/02/2018

"My son, aged 11, absolutely loved his initial 30 minute lesson at Kempton Racecourse and really can't wait to get behind the wheel of a car again ! His instructor (Dave) was brilliant and oozed enthusiasm and positivity, what an inspiration! I will be treating my son to further lessons for birthday and Christmas presents until he is 17 and then hopefully passing his test will be quick and easy ! (Kempton , 21/01/2018)"

Kay Wallis, 16/02/2018


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