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"Son had his 3 rd lesson with young driver today at Haydock Racecourse (last 2 were at DW stadium wigan). He said this was his favourite. Rehan was his instructor and my son said he was really good and made him feel very comfortable and this is why it was his favourite. We will be returning to haydock for his next lesson. Thank you Rehan(Reham, sorry if I've got it wrong)as he didnt want to come because he was so nervous and you have made him want to come back. Can we request you next time? (Haydock Racecouse, 24/03/2019)"

Katrina guy, 24/03/2019

"My 10 year old granddaughter had her first lesson today. Brent was very professional and encouraging. It was surprising how quickly she picked things up with Brent's calming/encouraging instructions. . She was able to manoeuvre the car both forwards and backwards at the end of the hour which was amazing as first time behind the wheel. She was so excited beforehand and on cloud nine when she had finished. She can't wait for anothe lesson. (Lakeside, 09/03/2019)"

Lesley , 09/03/2019

"I just had my driving experience with Rahem and it was amazing! I have never driven a car before but i left feeling so much more confident! (Doncaster Rovers Stadium, 23/02/2019)"

Elora , 23/02/2019

"I had my 30 mins Young Drivers experience yesterday. My instructor was Rashid Ahmed. He was lovely to talk to and understood that I was nervous and as soon as we set off I felt relaxed. We had a nice conversation about my falconry hobby! The experience was great and I learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend to a friend. (Manchester, Trafford Centre , 16/02/2019)"

Jessica Birtwistle, 17/02/2019

"Great experience for my 12 year old son. Very professional set up and his instructer Rashid was fantastic. Would highly recommend for friends and their kids!! (Trafford Center, 16/02/2019)"

James Hamer, 16/02/2019

"I took my 10yr old for his first proper driving lesson. This was held at the NEC in Birmingham. The venue was easy to find and well laid out. The instructor we had was Andy Clarke and he was absolutely brilliant. Got my son driving well and confidently in no time at all. Well recommend it. (NEC Birmingham, 26/01/2019)"

Simon Osborne, 26/01/2019

"Very helpful! It’s a massive difference when you first get behind the wheel. I had my first session with instructor Ray and he taught me a lot more about driving then I ever could have from just watching my dad drive. (Cardiff, 20/01/2019)"

Alex hale, 20/01/2019

"Lauren had her first lesson today at DW stadium in Wigan. Her instructor Ali was lovely and he made her feel relaxed and comfortable. She enjoyed the experience and can't wait to have another lesson. Lovely staff and an excellent set up. (Dw stadium, Wigan , 13/01/2019)"

Marie Holland, 13/01/2019

"Efan had a first lesson for his 14th birthday at Pentwyn Cardiff. Professional and friendly staff with experienced instructors. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was encouraged by his instructor Ray. Excellent set up. (Pentwyn Park and Ride Cardiff, 09/12/2018)"

Gemma Passmore, 09/12/2018

"Excellent staff (Church Fenton) providing confidence building experience for young drivers, including briefing at start of lesson and debriefing afterwards. Highly recommend. Also having the benefit of a good cafe at the venue!! (Church Fenton, 17/11/2018)"

Lynnette Young , 21/11/2018

"Chloe had her first lesson today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Her teacher was very calm and professional, giving her really positive feedback. She now wants to return for more lessons. (Birkenhead, 18/11/2018)"

Liz, 18/11/2018

"Fraser had a lesson with Mr P at Kempton 1000. This was his 5th lesson. What an inspiring instructor. Fraser had his best lesson yet. He was on such a high at the end. We can’t thank him enough. This is such fantastic opportunity for any young person to start their diving experience Kempton 18/11/18 (Kempton, 18/11/2018)"

Aileen Marks, 18/11/2018

"Rehan was a brilliant instructor. Really calm and patient. He made it a really good first time experience. Would definitely do it again. (Tranmere Rovers, Birkenhead , 18/11/2018)"

Chloe Mitchinson 🥰, 18/11/2018

"Daughter really enjoyed herself today and can't wait to go again. The whole team at Young Driver were very friendly, knowledgeable, very helpful and made her feel very relaxed. Plus to top it off I'd some how managed to get the time wrong but instead of being turned away, the staff at Young Driver made sure she could have her lesson there and then! 5 Star!! Would highly recommend to everyone. (Queensferry, 17/11/2018)"

Richard Newsome, 17/11/2018

"Great experience with very calm instructor. Will definitely do it again (Brierley Hill, 10/11/2018)"

Sue, 10/11/2018

"My son has just had his final lesson at Haydock today as he will be having full driving lessons at the end of the month.He started the young driver scheme two years ago and is hugely confident moving on to his lessons on the road. We are so glad we have been involved in the scheme from his first lesson with Steve to his last with Justin.All the staff are extremely professional but also relaxed in their approach to teaching. Although a great experience for your child it could be stressful for them but this has never been an issue from the moment you are greeted by the friendly and caring reception staff.A massive thanks to Angela,Zubs , Saam and all the instructors.I cannot recommend enough a great gift for your child. (Haydock, 10/11/2018)"

gary goldson, 10/11/2018

"Harrison came along for his first lesson and loved every moment. He was so nervous but was immediately put at ease by the welcoming and very friendly reception team. His teacher was great and gave fantastic feedback. The video was well worth it and great to watch back together afterwards. We were so impressed we rebooked another lesson and have encouraged many friends to do the same, we look forward to coming back soon. Thank you Young Driver. (Southampton , 27/10/2018)"

Sophie , 05/11/2018

" We have used young driver a couple of times for our sons. Our eldest is autistic and they were very nurturing with him. Instructor was very supportive and gave him confidence as he was so scared he would do something wrong. My youngest went for his 13th birthday,never driven a car before. Instructor asked us both to go in the car for his lesson as our son was nervous and at the end he gave positive feedback to him but also asked us if he could improve on his teaching which impressed us as it shows he was reflecting on his teaching as well which is good practice. Both were given a book diary which shows what they have learnt and development areas ready for next lesson. Excellent lessons. Professional service. both our boys cannot wait to go again. Just brilliant. Would definitely recommend to others. (NEC, 27/10/2018)"

Claire, 31/10/2018

"This is so life changing and I am really so enjoyed it very much and I would recommend it to others. (Cambridge Babraham Park and ride, 27/10/2018)"

Alex Jennett, 30/10/2018

"Our 16 yr old had an hour lesson at Stoneleigh today with Asif and she thoroughly enjoyed it. He was an excellent driving instructor. She will definitely be back for more It was a birthday present from her friend and one of the best! The set up Is fantastic and proper tuition with a large driving circuit. A great Day ! (Stoneleigh , 28/10/2018)"

Clare Burden, 28/10/2018

"My 13 yr old son James had his first lesson yesterday. He was absolutely buzzing afterwards and can’t wait to have more lessons. The event was very well run, the staff and instructors were extremely friendly and professional, put our son at ease straight away. It was an amazing experience for James and he’s looking forward to going again. We would highly recommend, a fantastic way to introduce youngsters to driving. (West Quay Southampton , 27/10/2018)"

Katherine Turner, 28/10/2018

"My daughter was only 10 yesterday and we’ve just been to her first lesson at Exeter Racecourse! She was quite nervous, but Richard sat with her, explained what was going to happen and put her mind at ease! Anthony her instructor was brilliant! She loved it and has already asked when she can drive a car again!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Would highly recommend! (Exeter Racecourse , 24/10/2018)"

Jennie Goodland (Abbie Faith Astall), 24/10/2018

"This is the 2nd time my son is driving, the 1st was a 60 minute lesson at Tranmere FC. The instructor was amazing and had him driving within 5 minutes of being in the car. The instructor was calm and really brought out my boys confidence. The in car video is definitely worth the money and gave my son the opportunity to see himself driving. Really looking forward to going to Aintree this month and he cant wait to get behind the wheel for his 13th birthday! An amazing experience and we would highly recommend. (Aintree Racecourse, 21/10/2018)"

Lynsey Owens, 12/10/2018

"Just back from my son's 3rd lesson at Young Driver 1 at braehead and 2 at Ingilston Edinburgh. All I can say is what a fantastic experience. The instructor Brian was so patient helpful and my son was driving brilliantly. Raymond and Kerry are very professional and super helpful. I can fully recommend this company. 5* We will be back and will recommend my Vauxhall colleagues. (Edinburgh, 06/10/2018)"

Tracey Weir , 06/10/2018

"Very fun and helpful. Instructor Salim was great. Will be back. (Trafford Centre, 13/09/2018)"

Oliver Wright, 02/10/2018


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