Hypermiling and how it can save you money

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What is hypermiling?
Hypermiling is the art of driving economically by modifying driving habits and techniques.

Essentially, hypermiling helps you get the most from every last drop of fuel to help maximise your MPG. It can save you money on fuel – great news for drivers when fuel prices are sky high!

Guinness World Record holder Kevin Brooker is one of the UK’s most successful hypermilers. Kevin reckons you could save up to £600 over a year by using the technique. He began hypermiling during his regular 70-mile commute to work in an attempt to relieve his boredom.

In an interview with The Guardian, Kevin explained: “It was almost a way to gamify it to get the fuel I was using to go further. I was learning the techniques to get the most out of that gallon. The bonus was I was saving money. Over a month, I could save up to £50 without really increasing my journey time.”

Drive Slowly and Carefully
Kevin’s advice is to drive as slowly as is reasonable and if you’re in a manual car, change up a gear earlier than you usually would to avoid going into high revs for too long.

One of the critical factors when it comes to hypermiling is to avoid severe acceleration or braking.

"The first thing to do really is to make sure you drive smoothly and efficiently," Kevin explains. "It's all about consistency, so not racing up to traffic lights and then slamming on the brakes. It's all about being smooth so you don't waste energy.

There is a misconception about this style of driving, according to Kevin.

"People think hypermiling is about going slow. It's not about going slow, it's about being more consistent and smooth.”

You’ve got to keep an eye on the traffic flow in front of you. Make sure you read the road ahead for traffic lights and roundabouts, so you always keep moving.

If you’re driving on to a main road or motorway, just go with the flow of traffic and don’t worry about overtaking people.

You’re not going to impact your journey time by taking on board some of the techniques, so don’t stress about it taking you more time to get to your destination.

Keep your car well maintained
Other tips include making sure your car is maintained as well as possible and that the tyre pressure is correct.

Did you know that tyres are energy rated? The type of tyres on your car can have an impact on its efficiency. Check your tyres energy rating when you next need a new set.  

Remove weight
Do you hoard junk in your car? Is your boot full of shoes or any random heavy objects?! Get rid of them! Don’t drive around with the top box on – save it for holidays only.

Any excess weight means the engine has to work harder and you’ll use up more fuel.



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